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Building Maintenance System


So far 28 buidlings are using this system of mine – every job that is required by the building manager is being sent to the company of choice (or by default), also created within the system with the unique ID and the password.

There are four types of users altogether: super admin, building manager, level manager and company, each of those having an unique login and password, allowing them to see portions of the site, with super user having see every single thing and the building manager and company being limited to view just enough.


  • Four panels operating on one core
  • Each company can be listed in various jobs, i.e. plumbing, security, electrical by use of simple a check box, and thus be assigned to a specific job type
  • When a new job is entered to the system, either by Department Manager or the Super User, the System automatically assigns it to a company that is registered for this type of job. If there are more than one company the Super User can select one of his/her choice. In both cases a “Confirmation Required” email is sent to the company
  • Jobs can be exported (in .csv format) based on their status: All, Pending, Closed etc.
  • Two separate legal permits are required by each company: Public Liability and Worker’s Comp. I had programmed a Cron Job to check, on daily basis, if any of those two expires. If so, the auto-emails are being sent, 14, 7 and 3 days prior to the expiration date
  • Building Manager can send bulk emails to Dept. Managers, Companies or both with one click only


Login Information

As it is mentioned above, there are four (-4) sets of panels.

  1. Admin: full access to every feature.
    • Email: admin
    • Password: example
  2. Floor Manager: able to open new jobs and track them, share thoughts via comment section.
    • Email: manager
    • Password: example
    • Email: manager2
    • Password: example
  3. Company: if a job were assigned to it, the company can track that job, share thoughts via comments and, once the job is finished, send a job closing request to the admin.
    • Email: company2
    • Password: coding
    • Email: company3
    • Password: coding
  4. Guest: who can only preview existing jobs but cannot participate in any activity
    • Email: Guest
    • Password: coding

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California Luxury Estate


A bigger and of course a better version of CBP California with same functionalities, only taken to the higher level.


  • A photoshop-like cropping has been added to the project for both big image and the thumb image allowing a better cropping, especially for the thumbnail image. As of now even the small portion of the source image can be cropped, as the opposite to the original idea where the thumb function had created equally downsized image, simply resized with the ratio. The thumb now can differ gravely from the source image.
  • Front-End`s Language drop down menu for quick change of the language.

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Login Information

Back end area for managing listings. To login, type „sample” as a password. The entries are reset every 2nd day

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Jennifer Springman


The site of Los Angeles based painter and graphic designer. The look & feel was designed by the artist herself.


  • Basic CMS (based on a text file) that allows edition of home page’s info, as well as adding new paintings images, change their order and move them witin two categories.
  • Each time a new painting image is printed out on the main screen, a PHP function detects its height and width and creates CSS on the fly – to position it evenly above and below the horizon line.


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World Jewelry Center


A new enterprise in Las Vegas, new citie’s landmark.


  • Standard contact form
  • External PHP array files for easy updates of Testimonial section (all of it is dynamic)
  • Database based CMS
  • Two dynamic CSS sheets (among the others) for main menu and sub menu – when a link is clicked the scripts determine which one, and renders style sheets with proper set of images – look at the bottom line of main menu, each time main section changes, so does the look of the menu. Also look at the sub menu, every time a link from given section is clicked, the CSS changes to apply new look for the entire section



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Gina Brooke – Madonna’s Make Up Artist


Gina Brooke – Madonna`s make up artist. This was a very simple page that served Gina for couple of years. I was responsible for updating the site with new articles, images, videos, etc.


  • Flash flipping-page book – I had to re-code the action script in order to lay the book out the way it was designed by the company`s designer
  • Press section -to speed up the process of updating this section, I created a basic CMS based on a text file. All I needed to do next was adding another line insde the txt file – that new entry was read by a PHP function, and the Press section was created on-the-fly
  • I started working on the Blog section but since this was like reinventing the wheel the idea was dropped



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