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Southern California Web Development Services is a virtual portfolio of Greg Bialowas, an individual Internet contractor, located in Southern California (Hollywood/Los Feliz at the moment), who provides complex and effective internet Solutions at affordable prices for small to medium sized Businesses, in one word, the site is about me.

The services I offer are Web Site Programming (PHP), WebSite Design and Web Site Development (CSS) to perfectly fit your needs.

I mostly specialize in installing Content Management Systems (CMS) on the clients' servers, programming custom solutions and, of course, code it all with newest CSS technics.

Now, wheter you already have a website, or you want one to be built for you, you can easily turn it into powerful, dynamic tool. With my back end programming, you are given an opportunity to take control over the content of your Website yourself, even if you are NOT familiar with any of Internet Technologies, at any time convinient to you! It allows you to keep your Web Site dynamic and fresh. If you can type, you can easily update your Web Site!

Please read the following articles describing Content Management System in details, written by James Robertson

Contact meGreg to find out more details about transforming your existing website into Dynamic Site, or to find out more information about building new and attractive site!